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  • The Environment

    I want to protect our loved ones from the poisoning of our water and air. Denton has the worst air in Texas. We must protect our children from the poisons that cause asthma and cancer and other illnesses.

  • Equality

    I believe in protecting life and lives. Black lives, transgender lives, immigrant lives, women's lives and the rights of all.

  • Jobs

    I believe in growth industry jobs and transitioning Texas into the future, preparing our citizens for better opportunities, Green Jobs are Good Paying Jobs. I want North Texans to have a secure financial future.

  • Education

    When Texas was at the height of its job boom, we spent 50% of our budget on education. Now, we spend 37%. If we give our kids a better education. We will give our state a stronger economy.

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Mat Pruneda

Analyst, Activist, Father

I'm an every day person. I am a financial analyst. I have two kids. I own a home - I pay on a mortgage. I, like most people, worry about insurance and medical expenses. I pray that we don't suffer an emergency. I think it's time every day people take back our legislature and fight for real life issues from the perspective of people who get nervous about bills. Not from the perspective of people who will get ahead on the strength of special interest money.

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